Sponsored conversations

Izea explains sponsored conversations as “a social media marketing technique in which brands provide financial or material compensation to bloggers in exchange for posting social media content about a product, service or website on their blog.”

What sounds as a thin line to walk, might actually work. At first I was sceptical. Social media empowered […]

University ranking mashup

Just saw in my web analytics that the traffic on my site www.university-rankings.net has picked up. I had not even started to promote it because the site is not finished yet. But the guys at the QS Intelligence Unit have found it and linked to it. Nice…

Just did not have much time to improve […]

Technology Trends 2009

t3n Magazin asked 16 exports to identify the mega trends for 2009. Several experts mention microblogging and lifestreaming. Controversy exists about the question if mobile internet will increase significantly this year already or might need some more time to become a mega trend.

I personally liked remarks about

SEO and that it has become established […]

Facebook conquers the world

What a surprise to see that Facebook is now the dominant social network in Europe. This comScore press release shows Facebook’s rank in various European countries. When I last checked the market was divided differently, but now Facebook has taken over the top position in many countries. I was curious if Alexa comes to the […]

European businesses and their use of social media in marketing

This blog post mainly talks about Twitter and how it has been adopted by European businesses for marketing purposes:

And now it looks like despite of the fact that Twitter seems to be everywhere – in all the newspapers and even on TV – it is still only slowly adopted by corporations which is proved […]

Nielsen about Twitter Quitters

On April 28th Nielsen Online writes “more than 60 percent of U.S. Twitter users fail to return the following month”. I have to admit, I am one of those, although I am not a U.S. user, but I still did not return either after I created my first account. Maybe I should check it out […]